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To'siq - vakuumli sumka

Vakuum paketlari, havo o'tkazmaydigan sumkalar, muzlatilgan sumkalar

tuzilma♦vacuum bags,airtight bag,frozen bags
guvohnoma♦ Bizning yaxshiligimizni ko'rsatadigan SGS FDA bilan mos keladi

vacuum bags,airtight bag,frozen bags

vacuum bags,airtight bag,frozen bags

Our vacuum pouch extends the shelf-life of your products by removing the oxygen and eliminating dehydration loss and freezer


·  Strong Barrier Performance to preserve the food Fragrance

·  Applied to 30 Minute-Steam-Sterilization Products

·  Enduring for High temperature like 110, 120, 130

·  1) suitable for all kinds of frozen food packing

·  2) excellent freeze resistant

·  3) low temperature heat sealing property

·  4) high transparency

·  5) excellent moisture, oxygen and gas barrier

·  6) superior printing quality

·  7) produced to client specifications

Frozen vacuum bag made from high barrier coextruded film which can prevent items form vapor,aroma, mildew, exygen,reserve quality and flavour of items, it also can extend food shelf life and gives execellent self presentation.






Puncture resistance;

Keep fresh;



color printing available;

High strength material for heavy contents ;

High moisture barrier .