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Foreign Trade Salesman
Work Place: Shanghai
Number needed: Several
Start And End Dates: 2015-01-12
Wages: Negotiable
Work Experience: Any
Academic Requirements: College
Job Responsibilities

1 、Using a variety of independent trade platform, implementation of the company's business operations, the implementation of trade regulations, develop customer;

2 、Collect overseas market information and industry information, looking for potential customers, and that the target customer information;

3 、Independently responsible for contacting customers, preparation of reports, participation in business negotiations  ,Contracts, maintain client;

4 、Participated in exhibitions at home and abroad, and develop new customers through various channels, to expand the volume of business;

5 、Reporting the work related business, and other matters relating to their superiors accountable;

6 、Quick thinking, fluent in English, with strong communication and negotiation skills.


1 、Tertiary and higher education, international trade and English major priority;

2 、Proficiency in English, oral and written communication can fluently, will give priority to small language;

3 、More than two years of relevant work experience, familiar with the import and export trade expertise;

4 、Strong business communication and negotiation skills, there are exhibitions, the independent development of the customer;

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