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Breve vantaxe de EVOH

Datos 2020-05-28

EVOH Advantages Brief: EVOH barrier has been the most widely used material. This type of film material in addition to non-stretched type, there are two-way stretch, vapor-deposited aluminum type, adhesive coating type, Two-way stretch there are heat resistant packaging for sterile products. EVOH barrier properties depending on the content of ethylene, as the ethylene content increases in general, the gas barrier properties decrease, but the ease of processing. EVOH notable feature is the excellent gas barrier properties and excellent processability, in addition to transparency, gloss, mechanical strength, flexibility, abrasion resistance, cold resistance and surface strength are very excellent. In the packaging field, EVOH barrier layer made of composite membrane intermediate, used in all of the hard and soft packaging; for aseptic packaging in the food industry, hot pot and cooking bags, packaging dairy products, meat, canned fruit juices And condiments; non-food products, packaging for solvents, pesticides, chemicals, air-conditioned structure, lined with barrels of gasoline, and other electronic components. In food packaging, EVOH plastic container can replace glass and metal containers, domestic aquaculture companies export seafood on the use of PE / EVOH / PA / RVOH / PE five-layer co-extruded film vacuum packaging. Accelerating the EVOH composite membrane while also studying abroad EVOH stretch orientation, the new gas barrier properties of Película EVOH is three times the performance of existing non-stretched EVOH film. In addition EVOH as a barrier material can also be applied to other synthetic resin packaging materials, serve to strengthen the effect of barrier properties.

Breve resumo das vantaxes de EVOH:

Baixo ambiente de baixa humidade pode proporcionar un alto rendemento de barreira

Bo efecto barreira dos produtos químicos, incluíndo a maioría das graxas e aceites, ácidos e disolventes pesticidas.

Alta transparencia: para garantir o funcionamento da facilidade de implementación

Cheiro perfumado, bo sabor

EVOH cunha variedade de polímeros para conseguir a coextrusión