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Dog's ear canal is usually covered by a wealth of ear hair. Thick ear hair resulting in poor ventilation of the ear canal, especially VIPs such as the collapse of ear dogs, if not always clean, it is prone to dirt, can cause severe ear mites, causing otitis media. Ear hair is not clean, if there is water into the inside, or there is dirt in, it is easy to inflammation of the ear canal, and sometimes infected with ear mites. Pull ear hair is to ensure that the dog's ears have better ventilation and prevent ear hair in filth, reducing the possibility of infection in dog ear mites, can also prevent a foreign body in the ear canal. Normal ear canal should be clean, no smell, no dirt was, was pink. Under normal circumstances, we need more common dog has ear hair pulling Shih Tzu, Poodle, Bichon dogs.

Pull ear hair steps:

Ready tools. They include: ear powder hemostat, ear cleaning solution, cotton

Ear powder sprinkled in the ear, a little massage you can use your fingers to the obvious ear ear hair removal, and then hemostat to pull ear hair clean.

Clean ear hair pulling, the need to clean the ear with a cotton swab dipped liquid, the inner ear more than the rest of the powder to clean up the dog's ears can Fenfen very clean friends.

Usually the dog's ear care one week usually 1 or 2 times is very good. Also to remind owners, the dog pulling ear hair when we must be careful, the dog inside the ear cartilage lot, believe it may hurt the dog clip, so let the dog produced psychological fear is more difficult next time operated.

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