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Procesi i cilësisë për përcjelljen e filmit të shtrirë me pengesë

Të dhënat 2020-06-03

Pavarësisht nga zhvillimi teknologjik, deri më tani një faktor i rëndësishëm që ndikon në cilësinë ose materialet e filmit të shtrirë me pengesë të lartë dhe proceset e prodhimit, filmi i shtrirë me pengesë të lartë me performancë superiore arsyeja pse është sepse ka procesin e mëposhtëm

In order to simultaneously take advantage of the properties of various polymers, are commonly used in packaging the multilayer structure, the multilayer barrier stretch film process is the same process in the film structure formed from a variety of different polymers, each polymer that can be chemically and the physical properties of the advantages attributed to one, and solutions to meet the industry of food, medicine and other special needs of the packaging material, particularly in technical subjects PA.EVOH a film barrier material.

Barrier stretch film packaging used physical method process, selection of internationally recognized environmental materials from an attack, and now mostly use composite packaging is not the same, do not use adhesives, it does not contain heavy metals, but no residual solvent problem , green, safe food packaging.

 NOTE: barrier stretched film made of a plastic material which has flammable and harmful gases, under 5 ~ 35 ℃ storage to keep dry and ventilated storage environment, away from heat and at least 1 meter away.